Microsoft makes impressive leap into the Media biz

Interesting article on In short Lisa finds that the new deals Microsoft struck the right way forward. I have to agree and also think that the deals with Facebook and BBC are great news for us. But I would add 2 more recent deals in the same direction which I think are at least as important for getting a place in the media business.

  1. The deal with Control room: PR link here as this will bring live events online
  2. The deal with Director Jackson: Link to the article on BBC here as this will bring real creativity online

And of course for both this will only be on Microsoft’s networks.


Great stuff


Google vs. Belgian media: You go Belgium!

Interesting article on the battle between Google and the Belgian Media. A must-read for everybody in the business, if you ask me. 

Link to » Google vs. Belgian media: You go Belgium! | Digital Micro-Markets |

My personal 5 cents: I have to agree with Donna on this, not only because I’m from Belgium, but based on what I believe is sound business judgement.

But who am I 😉

Mobile phone is at the center of teenagers

Found this interesting post on Marketingfacts (in dutch). Will translate a few points as it’s really interesting. They have gone through the Mobile Life Youth Report 2006 and here are a few highlichts from that study:

  • teenagers prefer to use their phone for SMS than to call. The target group send an average of 9,6 SMS per day.
  • 42% of teenagers claim: “if I don’t get one call a day, I feel unwanted”.
  • 78% of teenagers agree that the phone improves their social life.
  • Confidentiality is key for teenagers, 1/3 claim they use their phone without parental consent.

Impressive no?