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  • PayPal is smart to engage developers in the early stages of releasing this new API. The company also partnered with TechCrunch50 demopit startups FundRazr and Lottay to build off the adaptive payments API. In fact, PayPal’sPayPal X Innovate 2009 conference in November is designed to attract more developers to the platform. The new APIs will only be released to those developers that attend the conference. Although, we scooped the news of the new Adapative Payments API, PayPal says that additional APIs will be announced at the conference. It should be interesting to see what these APIs enable developers to build, considering the impressive vision PayPal has for the future.

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  • Here's the bad news for Yahoo (YHOO). Since the launch of "It's Y!ou" campaign on September 28th, Yahoo's buzz score dropped from a 35.4 to a score of 25.5 as of yesterday, Monday, October 12th.
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  • De recente initiatieven van Apple kunnen alleen maar aangemoedigd worden. Eerlijk duurt het langst is een oud gezegde, maar vandaag meer dan ooit actueel. Transparantie is voor merken essentieel. De consument wil weten waarop het staat en zoekt naar producten en merken die hem een zeker comfort of plezier verschaffen, maar zonder het grote geheel of onze maatschappij te veel schade te berokkenen. Onze planeet is de verantwoordelijkheid van eenieder, ook van coole merken.
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  • Out of the four countries surveyed across South East Asia, Indians also appear to be the savviest at online shopping with three quarters intending to shop online during the upcoming festive period, citing time (75 percent), crowds (65 percent) and access to a wider range of products (60 percent) as the main reasons for avoiding the shops.
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  • PayPal Inc. is on the road to becoming the “Visa” of the Internet, according to a keynote speech at SecTor in Toronto, where Andrew Nash presented the company’s plans to expand into the identity provider business.

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  • “In the online world, once an account is set up a user never needs to expose their information and only need their user and password,” Duprat said. “For mobile we can make it even more secure by allowing a user to input only their cellphone number and a four-digit PIN. This reduces the exposure of sensitive information. PayPal has a very strong role to play here both in the ease of use and the consumer protection that we provide.”
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