Budget deems first major blog-only campaign a success

Budget deems first major blog-only campaign a success: “The initial results are in from Budget’s historic blog-only campaign, Up Your Budget.

The numbers:

$160,000 paid as prize-money
$20,000 for the campaign itself, including paid ads on 177 blogs

The blog pages on which the Budget ads appeared had 19.9 million impressions, which generated about 60,000 click-throughs to the Budget blog, accounting for about half the total traffic to the Budget blog, according to Scott Deaver, Budget’s Executive VP of Marketing.

Not bad for a 16-week campaign. Budget has indicated that they are considering launching another blog-only campaign in the spring of 2006.

But the key here is, the initial numbers are in as far as cost and results, and they look to be very good. My guess is that many companies were waiting to see what Budget’s results were before pursuing using blogs for stand-alone campaigns. Now that we’re seeing that Budget hit a home run with their campaign, it will be interesting to see which companies are next to jump into the blog-only game.

And will we see them before Budget launches their next blog-only campaign in the spring of next year?

Interesting times, interesting times.”