First blogmarketing initative in Belgium results in blogstorm

First blogmarketing initative in Belgium results in blogstorm: “It all started with a bottle of Thai Fanta. Wouter Vermeulen, who left i-merge recently for becoming director of communications for Coca-Cola Belgium/Luxemburg, and who’s convinced of the power of the blogosphere, had the great idea of pre-releasing a sample of a new Fanta flavour into the blogosphere, one week before the official press could have a look. Ogilvy, who’s responsable for the Coca-Cola PR, organised the action. Full credits for Ogilvy for being the first to experiment with blog marketing. We at i-merge are very curious about it, but we’re fully aware of the risks and the pitfalls. And there were pitfalls… Ogilvy had organised a brainstorm with Belgian top-bloggers last summer. They involved only some of those bloggers in the Fanta-action and that really pissed of the others. Coolz0r and Luc Van Braekel had both a great post why they thought that this blogmarketing experiment needed some improvement. Which in its turn led to accusations of jealousy by other bloggers. Looking at it from the sideline, I think that the most important lesson here is that Ogilvy (and for that matter i-merge as well) should have known that working with the blogosphere is all about giving respect and maintaining a relationship. Bloggers are very keen on respect. Blogging is about sharing: I share my thoughts and knowledge with you, in exchange for your respect for me. it’s as simple as that. There’s no point in being sarcastic about this, and there’s certainly no point for bloggers for being sarcastic about this.

Given the fact that blogging is about respect, we – as marketing agencies – should be very very carefull when trying to do something with the blogosphere. That’s why I think that following methodology should have been followed:

1. Send a mail to the bloggers you know
2. Tell them about your idea and ask them for feedback
3. Ask them who else they think should be involved in the programme.
4. Adapt your action and send it to this netork of mutual respecting bloggers
5. Tip from Luc: don’t include a typed press release: don’t expect people to type it over 😉

Taken over completely from I-wisdom