links for 2008-12-19

  • Contrary to some recent reports, senior managers at Acer and other leading vendors have confirmed that Microsoft Windows XP now dominates the emerging sub-notebook market with more than 90% of new sales. Meanwhile, Linux, which had the netbooks market to itself until April this year, has seen its share of the space eroded to less than 10% in a breath-taking decline.

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  • From the man himself:"…Still, Windows Live Web services and Essentials provide solid tools that can help you organize your email, messaging, photos, storage, scheduling and social networking in one place with one password. That, by itself, is a relief."
  • …An analyst at Screen Digest predicts that YouTube will generate U.S. revenues of $100 million vs. Hulu’s $70 million in 2008. Next year, however, Hulu is predicted to nearly triple revenues and tie YouTube’s projected $180 million. On the surface, that is impressive. But when you dig into it, it is downright outstanding: Hulu is nearly one-tenth the size of YouTube in U.S. unique users…

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