Slow blogging in Las Vegas

This week will be a slow blogging week. I’m attending Mix in Las Vegas. After a horendous flight (28 hours in total) we arrived yesterday at The Venetian, an incredible hotel: 4.000 rooms (and i just heard they are adding 4.000 more rooms for the future), it’s like a town within a building. We just saw a few demos of Silverlight and I must say they looked promising (especially the demo for opengolf). Will tell you more later.


Weblin & Messenger

Just discovered an interesting application: Weblin. As stated on their site: “Weblin the perfect addon to your Windows Live Messenger. Weblin makes you and your friends visible in the Internet as little avatar characters. You are not alone when you surf the web. Weblin brings you a new exiting and lively world on every website. Get to know People, who share the same interests with you.”

I registered and tried it out. It’s really nice to see who’s on the same site as you. I even had a chat with Luna (she initiated the chat, by the way) and it opens up a new chatbox (not in Messenger) which is a pity for us, I think.

Not sure if I’ll be using this all the time… no more surfing to competitors job sites or sex sites, I presume! Who knows who I see on the same page as me?

I’ve included a picture of people on Youtube when logged in to Weblin where you can see the avatars on the bottom of the page.

It’s the Conversation Economy, Stupid

This, “It’s the Conversation Economy, Stupid” , is the best posting I have ever read concerning the changes occurring in the media & marketing landscape. I’ve been reading David Armano’s blog Logic + Emotion for a long time and it has been an incredible source of inspiration. The strategy behind our little project, Bring the love back, is based on what he writes and when reading this article in Businessweek I can only hope that, as he says: “…the new consumer class that can be anything and everything at once is looking for meaningful dialogue. Some brands and businesses are going out of their way to provide this. Some are going through the motions. And some are doing business as usual. Which camp do you fall in?”, I fall in the first camp!


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