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We are almost there! This is the trailer for the upcoming movie.


GPS sports tracking with Virtual Earth

SportsdoSportsDo is a GPS sports tracking system for your mobile phone which enables you to record your sporting activities while broadcasting live tracking stats to friends and family via the SportsDo web portal.
Detailed analysis of your activities can be performed on our SportsDo web portal allowing you to relive the experience and continually improve your performance.

You have to check this out, it’s fantastic. You can see the guy skiing down the slopes in the Alpes 😉

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Blue Chip Expert

Got an invitation for Blue Chip Expert today ( thanks Michael). It promises to be the social networking site for high level professionals, networkers and hiring managers. There description is:” Blue Chip Expert is in the business of making recruiters more efficient and more effective by automating the agency search process through a combination of premier social networks, advanced people search technology, and targeted job referrals”.

The novel thing about it is the payment scheme behind it. Ken Hayes summarizes it like this:”Pay out referral fees to anyone who gets their friends to sign up in BCE, who then gets hired for a job or project.  Not only that, but if I refer a friend, and that person signs up another frBluechipiend who gets hired, I also get a small chunk of the fee.  But wait, there’s more!  If a recruiter recommends their colleagues to also hire from the database of candidates, then that recruiter gets a chunk of the fee.  Cash incentives in both directions.”

It is also nicely summarized in this picture on the right.

Seems all very interesting but if everybody puts his invitation key on his blog or distributes it to anyone without knowing if they are good or not, then you loose the quality of the referral, no? Anyway, if anybody wants an invitation, just drop me a line.

Planeteye in Beta

Just logged in to Planeteye and I’m really amazed. According to an internal memo:

“Planeteye, puts geotagged photos – the attaching of geographical metadata to photos or content pieces, usually as latitude and longitude coordinates and data – into a map context. This lets the user see the geographical relationship of hotels, restaurants, and attractions, and allows the users to click deeper to get further information on them. As a result, the traveler is better prepared for the trip, said PlanetEye CEO Butch Langlois.”



On the left you can see the homepage, really clean and intuitive. Navigation is fast and it is already filled with lots of information.

If you want to upload pictures, you can upload your own pictures or you can link your Flickr account.



The geotagging is really easy as well, just drag and drop the photo on the map, add a description and you are done.

For every location, you can also look for hotels, restaurants and attractions. Again, really well done. One thing that would be helpful here is to link this with a service like Tripadvidor. When you choose a hotel, you can immediately show all restaurants and attractions in the neighborhood.

Summarized, this is a great tool.


Beautiful site with integration of Live Local

Magnificent site and a great collaboration between 2 brands (MSN and Westin hotels).

In the site Renewal you can explore several big cities (super integration of Live Local) and find the Westin hotels on the map next to several points of interest. A really nice way to explore a city, its tourist attractions and find hotels near them.

Found thanks to Virtual Earth (Mappoint) B2B