Five things you probably don’t know about me

Well thanks a lot for the blogstick in my face, Kris… not! Anyway, it seems that I can’t get out of this one… and I definetly should start posting again. So here we go.

1. Altough my real name is of course Geert (who would choose this anyway?), at school everybody called me Tosh. Don’t ask me why (some guy came up with it one day and it stuck) but my friends still call me this.

2. I used to play footbal when I was young (till about 15 years or so) and I played at RWDM, which is now called F.C. Brussels. In those days one of the guys in my team was Johan Walem, who ended up playing for the Belgian national team. Damn, I shouldn’t have stopped playing 😉

3. In the 90ties I started my own company in South Africa where we edited a magazine called “Event Magazine”. We had to stop this after a while due to financial problems and had to come back. Nevertheless, the time I spend in Capetown  were the hardest but also the most beautiful.

4. On a trip to Tanzania, my wife and I were almost eaten by lions in the Serengeti … no kidding!

5. I hate walking dinners…

Passing the blogstick to: David, Miel, Evert-Jan, Jean-Paul and yet another David


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