links for 2007-05-18


Easy mobile payments with

Just created my Tunz account and made my first real payment with it. I must say it’s extremely easy. You just text in for instance: “P 3 0473567456 Thanks for the beer, Geert 1234” and the other person gets 3 Euro on his account… even if he is not yet registered on Tunz… and that’s the real killer app, you don’t have to register first online or something. You can send and receive money without ever touching a PC. What is also very nice, is the blog payment module, you can see below. From now on you can pay me on my Tunz account… don’t hesitate to do so 😉

Mix07 in 20 minutes

If you want to know all about Mix07 and what was presented (and have only 20 minutes to do that), just have a look at this interview of Scott Guthrie by Scoble.

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