Kudos to Singapore

Marina Sands The Singapore government will not bail out Marina Bay Integrated resort project is the headline on Channel Newsasia. Everybody here seems to think that Singapore can’t let them go broke. But the government stated they will not bail them out and they also said Sands didn’t request for a bailout. Quote:  "This fund-raising that Sands has done is an example of what they need to do in this environment in order to strengthen their balance sheet and be able to fund the relevant project. They have to do some prioritisation and that is what I think they are doing, and that is the right thing," said Mr Iswaran.”

Thats’s what I call making a stand!

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Ads on Edge

Excellent presentation from the guys at The economist. Especially cutting marketing budgets in a recession is not a good thing:

  • because marketing is part of the solution, not the problem
  • because what you sacrifice now, you will pay for later
  • because it can do serious damage to your brand
  • because it is a golden opportunity to gain market share
  • –> The biggest shift in a downturn is towards accountable media – this typically means a greater spend online.