Windows Live Barcode

BarcodeAnd another Live service sees the light. This time it is: Windows Live Barcode. It is a new way to avoid repetitive input, store more information and enjoy better handset service within seconds. On the other hand it’s also an opportunity for advertisers. Just have a look at this campaign in Mexico: Promo Sprite . It’s extremely simple. You take a photo of the barcode and your phone translates it automatically: wheter it’s a promotional code, some text or your business card. On Windows Live Barcode you can easily try it yourself. I’ve tried it and on the right you can see my businesscard converted in a barcode. Pretty nice, no?

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A day with Shel & Rick

Kris wrote a nice summary of the day we organized together with Shel and RickLink to A day with Shel & Rick « ‘Cross The Breeze .

I have to admit, it was a very inspiring day and again a confirmation that: “the conversation is already going on, also for your brand, so you’d better join.”

Consumer engagement

Great article on Marketingfacts, this quote form Jim Nail says it all:

A consumer may see an ad, recall it, and even repeat the key benefit, but until they undertake this process, or “co-create” the meaning, they haven’t truly engaged and it is unlikely to impact their behavior.”, bracht Jim tot de volgende conclusies:

  1. Media engagement provides a context that can facilitate this engagement.
  2. Ad engagement draws the consumer in to begin to create that personalized meaning.
  3. Engagement marketing reactivates the associations and symbols at a time when the consumer is ready to move from the emotional, subconscious form of engagement to an active form.
  4. Brand engagement results when the individual ads, messages and experiences blend into a seamless whole that drives preference, word-of-mouth recommendation, and other loyalty behaviors.

Integrated marketing assumes that each element of the marketing mix has a particular role and that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Consumer engagement may be to the marketing mix what gravity is to the physical world: the unseen force that keeps it all together!