Microsoft makes impressive leap into the Media biz

Interesting article on In short Lisa finds that the new deals Microsoft struck the right way forward. I have to agree and also think that the deals with Facebook and BBC are great news for us. But I would add 2 more recent deals in the same direction which I think are at least as important for getting a place in the media business.

  1. The deal with Control room: PR link here as this will bring live events online
  2. The deal with Director Jackson: Link to the article on BBC here as this will bring real creativity online

And of course for both this will only be on Microsoft’s networks.


Great stuff


4 thoughts on “Microsoft makes impressive leap into the Media biz

  1. What is dangerous is the amoral behavior of larger, multinational corporations. Under the guise of a good corporate citizen, Yahoo reportedly turns in a Chinese journalist for breaking a law in China, which is a freedom in the USA. However, in the USA, Yahoo is oblivious of the civil rights laws affecting the communicatively disabled. This I know from experience. George Orwell told us so.

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