Headhunters and Linkedin

As you might have seen on this blog, Linkedin or Twitter I’m looking for new opportunities. While it is to soon to share how things are going (but I will very soon) I’d like to make a request to Linkedin, I hope you guys are listening 😉

The first thing I did when I started looking for new opportunities is to reach out to a few headhunters. They were interested in my profile and started sending my resume to several companies. Problem is that some of them try to send out the resume to as many companies as possible to be the first to get into that company and in doing so making sure they get the commission for finding me. The result is of course that my resume arrived on the desk of the recruiter or hiring manager through several headhunters, who all claimed they were the first. This doesn’t put me in a good position because if they want to hire me they have to fight with 2 headhunters to decide who was the first…you get the drift, right?

So my suggestion to Linkedin is to make a dashboard for candidates who are actively looking for a new job with the following components:

  • it puts the candidate in charge of the whole process
  • it shows which headhunters have your cv or are linked to you
  • it shows which headhunters have shared your details with which companies because they had to ask you permission in the dashboard to do so.
  • it shows the jobs you have applied for and gives you the possibility to follow up. A bit like a personal CRM system but then from a candidate perspective.

Let me be clear, I love Linkedin, I use it regularly and for me it has become an indispensable tool. I just wanted to share these thoughts.


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