links for 2009-03-19

  • Spending on online channels grew faster than offline media. Compared with one year ago, marketers most often increased expenditures on Email (index of 60), Search (index of 59), Other Internet Marketing (index of 56), and New Media (index of 54).
    Projected revenue for Q1 2009 points to a decline, with an index of 38, as direct marketers do not expect to see improvements in their revenue performance. All three segments have similar revenue projection indices for Q1 2009: Suppliers indexed at 36, Agencies at 39, and Marketers at 40.
  • The predicted 40% rise in mobile marketing budgets for the year marks an opportunity for radio, said a group of mobile marketing execs during the Radio Advertising Bureau conference. eMarketer says the mobile segment will attract $6.5 billion in ad revenues by 2012.
    Radio’s big potential is to stop selling simple :30 or :60 spots and to begin creating a conversation between the station and/or the personality and the audience. Advertisers want such a conversation, which could be played out by a radio spot activating a text message component, said David Ross, chairman of mobile marketing and technology firm 3C Interactive (via Mediaweek).
  • We are getting reports that Microsoft’s PubCenter, a self serve thirty party ad publishers platform through AdCenter, is doing quite well with beta testers. Microsoft began testing PubCenter last summer.

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