links for 2009-02-16

  • An undifferentiated thought stream of the masses at some point becomes unwieldy. In order to truly mine that data, Twitter needs to figure out how to extract the common sentiments from the noise (something which Summize was originally designed to do, by the way, but it was putting the cart before the horse—you need to be able to do simple searches before you start looking for patterns). But what is the best way to rank real-time search results—by number of followers, retweets, some other variable? It is not exactly clear. But if Twitter doesn’t solve this problem, someone else will and they will make a lot of money if they do it right.
  • So the future of online advertising will change dramatically if you ask me. To influence consumer behavior in the future, we will need to start collecting consumer behavior now. So eCRM and database marketing and targeting the right consumers with the relevant and right ads will be crucial
  • Here is a company that “gets it” GE. Not only are they a pioneer in using the NPS metric to drive their business – but they have clearly understood how to participate in Social Media
    Look at their GEreports blog.
    (tags: GE Social media)

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