Lawyers still don’t get it! Slacker Uprising is global.

When will lawyers get it that you cannot restrict content from being spread globally. Every time I want to access content from Singapore (or from Belgium when I still lived there last year) I get this message that this content can not be viewed in my region. But every time I find it on Youtube! Does that mean Youtube is not respecting copyright laws? Maybe. But more importantly with the state of the internet today it is impossible to restrict it on a technical level. This time again with Slacker Uprising from Michael Moore. You go to the site, you can’t see it. You go to partners like Lycos, you can’t get. You go to Youtube…and there it is.

And if it is not on Youtube, people will just post it on other video sharing sites. So, in my opinion, we shouldn’t point the finger to video sharing sites but to the lawyers who are still stuck in the old media days.

So please, stop thinking you can restrict people viewing content from anywhere because it simply doesn’t work. Lawyers out there, start thinking!


One thought on “Lawyers still don’t get it! Slacker Uprising is global.

  1. This is such a good point and what upsets me is that rather than try and change copyright legislation, they just say ‘people have to go without’ which in these times of mass choice and mass distribution channels, it all seems a bit shortsighted.

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