Singapore changed!


The people from Bates 141 have created an interesting map of all the things that changed in recent years in Singapore. They did this for the upcoming PSFK conference which will be held in Singapore next week. They have identified 20 major changes. Here are a few (that PSFK found the most interesting):

from agriculture to agri-tainment

Farms in Singapore are re-marketing themselves to suit today’s desires for out-of-the-world experiences. Called Agri-tainment facilities, these farms now come with modern and attractive amenities like spas, restaurants, and souvenir shops for visitors. So far, 8 out of 224 local farms have adopted this new culture.

from english to singlish

Singlish is a combination of English, Mandarin, Malay and Dialect that is spoken by the locals. Originally synonymous with improper English, Singlish now dons a new image. As Singaporeans become more educated and affluent today, they are embracing the local lingo as a national trademark. Singlish is now a symbol of pride and identity for our multi-racial society.

from power plant to power station

Built in 1927, St James used to be Singapore’s first coal-fired power plant, energising nearby shipyards, factories and residences. Refurbished and re-opened in 2006 as St James Power Station, it is now Singapore’s largest entertainment complex. With10 nightclubs and live entertainment spots, this new spot is adding vibrancy to the feisty night scene of the city.

When reading this I wonder why people still think Singapore is boring? In about a years time Singapore will truly be a 24h economy!

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