links for 2008-09-15

  • Per their CTO, David Baar, Lat49 now supports all the major maps API's, and several of our largest publisher sites use Virtual Earth. Internally, we exclusively use Virtual Earth in the "region of commerce" selection interface for our advertisers. We are in a major build-out phase right now, having experienced ten-fold growth in our network traffic over the summer, with new publishers and some major new advertisers coming online regularly. The idea with Lat49 from the start has been to provide a means for publishers to effectively monetize their maps' properties with advertising that is directly coupled to what the user is doing and seeing on a map site.
  • Will the DECE come up with some kind of new DRM scheme, one that will require brand-new, DECE-enabled devices? And will Windows somehow be part of this new mix? Engadget is reporting there will be some kind of “rights locker,” where digital purchases will be stored. If that is the case, what does that mean for the forthcoming “Skymarket” Windows Mobile 7 app store, the Zune VideoX initiative or even Live Mesh?
  • Interesting analysis on the new Yahoo campaign.
  • Nice campaign from Yahoo. Especially love the 'Purple Pedals' stuff.

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