Microsoft needs a simplicity advisory board!

Ever since Philips launched their “Sense and Simplicity” campaign I have been a follower of what they do, not only on a product side but specifically on the marketing side. I simply love it. It is so powerful to bring their enormous portfolio of products and services (B2B as well as B2C) under one umbrella theme…and it works. A cool thing I just found is their Simplicity Advisory board. Let’s have a look at what the members do: “Each member of our Simplicity Advisory Board comes from a different cultural and professional background. This diversity enriches our understanding of what simplicity means for people in all aspects of their lives and in different cultures. But while the Board members bring a mix of experience and cultures, they all share our passion for simplicity.”

Sounds like we can use some of that, no? I’m still very passionate about Microsoft (been here a bit over 2 years) and we have some fantastic products but I think we could communicate a lot better. Look at what writes about this or check this article in Fortune and you’ll see how instrumental this campaign was, not only in terms of marketing metrics but the effect on the bottom line and shareholder value.

Some more interesting articles on this:

What do you think? Should we focus more on simplicity at Microsoft?


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