MSN Direct on your mobile rocks!

Just read the news from the Mobile Congress 2008 on Liveside and apart from the acquisition of Danger and the launch of the Sony Ericsson X1, the most interesting news was the launch of MSN Direct. I just downloaded it to my Blackjack and I really love it. MSNdirect

What is MSN Direct?

According to the site: “MSN Direct gives you instant access to information such as weather, stocks, top news stories, entertainment news, sports news, business news, and more. Information is presented in a glanceable format and is easily accessible right from the home screen of your device. Content is automatically updated to give you a fast and fun experience. It’s always on and always there!”

You can download it directly from your phone by accessing or you can download it from your PC here: Download MSN Direct.

Navigation is easy, fast and intuitive and even the ads are great. No interruption, just go to the ad if you’re interested. I truly believe this is the way forward for mobile ad driven applications.

One thing I would love to see in the next release of MSN Direct is a feedreader!

Great stuff and by the way if someone can get me a Sony Ericsson X1, that would be excellent 😉


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