Corporate blogging at Microsoft

One of our Execs at Microsoft just started a blog:MARCBRESSEEL.COM.The nice thing about this blog is that it’s genuine. In an internal mail to us he wrote the following:

“There is a lot of good blogs out there on digital – and guys that do it full-time professionally ! – so I have no arrogance whatsoever to become famous, good or even close to the quality that I read.

But I don’t care because it is just my thoughts and it is what it is. It is not ghostwritten like most corporate blogs; it’s authentic and hand made. Hence, I am doing this ‘after hours’, after midnight – as a second shift so to speak, hence the Nightshift title. (Close to Nighthawks – but that is a reference for the Hopper connaisseurs)”

If you ask me, he’s doing a great job. I’ve read most of the postings and I found them really spot on. I even found some new things on Microsoft, I didn’t know before (e.g. Aspirational research: the real future of search).

Be sure to put this one in your RSS Reader.

Oh and by the way, nobody asked me to write this positive review, this is just my personal view and not driven by Microsoft PR…if you had any doubts!


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