Advertising Week

I love this posting on Adfreak: Advertising Week: the Cliffs Notes version

He posts a summary of Advertising week in 9 points, here they are:


   1. People still watch TV.
   2. Direct marketers are nerdy.
   3. It helps to put celebrities in ads.
   4. John Wren is concerned about “profits.”
   5. When clients spend more on interactive ads, that money “has got to come from somewhere.”
   6. Good ideas help make good campaigns.
   7. Marketers should “respect” their audience.
   8. Clients like accountability.
   9. DVRs are a new technology capable of initiating “change.”

We would submit that the tenth and most important lesson, courtesy of a presentation by AmEx, is one that the event’s organizers should take to heart: “Everything is content.” And by extension, content is everything.

Great stuff!


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