Teens, RSS and portable media shape the future

When I combine a few of the last posts from Loic Lemeurs’s blog an interesting vision of the future emerges. Today he posted: Teens spend 600% more time online than on TV, more than 70% of 2007 cars will have iPod support and The future of televison: rss. In other words (or my vision of this added with some other ideas):

  • Tv’s are convering into PC’s (otherwise we couldn’t use content aggregators),
  • PC’s are connected to Ipods (or Zune, if you have patience till November of this year),
  • Teens (or the future generation) already use those media 600% more than TV,
  • On top of that, cars will be connected soon (which was the only place where we were still mono-channel, radio),
  • Mobile phones are turning into media players.

In other words, online content (delivered on whatever platform) rules! Personalization and online services are needed to find the content you like (since we will see an explosion of content) and this is where RSS, search, social networking and UGC comes in. You will look into the content your peers like and subscribe to that. This is the end of media networks as we know it. It’s not the end of the 30 sec. spot but the end of the media network and the start of the personal network. This network will help you find your tunes, tv programs, reading, your next job, your next girlfriend, your next everything.

We have a great future ahead of us, if you ask me.


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