The truth sells

Fantastic posting on Marketing Profs Daily Fix: Gerry McGovern – Truth Sells. I have taken over a part of this posting below (A must read for everyone in sales and marketing, if you ask me):

  • Much marketing and advertising is about association. We see cool, happy and beautiful people using a particular product. The association is that if we buy this product we too will become cool, happy and beautiful.
  • The Web is different. Not totally different, but different all the same. The Web is where people go to be informed. We’re on the Web because we don’t believe the hype, because we want to get some more facts. We’re driven by logic not by impulse.
  • We trust the reviews of other customers because they’re like us, and we know that organizations lie to us. When we arrive at a web site like, we are surprised and impressed by its honesty.
  • Honesty is selling on the Web. Honest sites are not better because they are morally superior but because they are more believable and trustworthy. The customer has matured. The customer is better educated, better informed.
  • These are interesting times. Society is moving to another level of sophistication, and marketing must learn to follow.

2 thoughts on “The truth sells

  1. Having read over the original article – plus knowing the sales process from experiance, I would say truth has always sold, be it on the web, or face to face – in the long term!

    Short term, yes, you can lie your little socks off, but it won’t do you any favours when your reputation is in tatters!

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