Consumers taking over

Consumers are not only more and more in control, they are taking over from media players. A few examples of this found on Agenda Inc (I’ve taken over the main points of their posting, below):

  • There’s Christine Dolce, whose MySpace page boasts nearly one million friends — making her arguably one of the most connected people on the Internet. A 24-year-old cosmetologist who until a few months ago worked at a makeup counter in a mall, she now has a manager and a start-up jeans company and has won promotional deals for two mainstream consumer brands. As videos, blogs and Web pages created by amateurs remake the entertainment landscape, unknown directors, writers and producers are being catapulted into positions of enormous influence.
  • Each week, about a half-million people download a comedic video podcast featuring a former paralegal.
  • A video by a 30-year-old comedian from Cleveland has now been watched by almost 30 million people, roughly the audience for an average “American Idol” episode.
  • The most popular contributor to the photo site just got a contract to shoot a Toyota ad campaign.

The Wall Street Journal is calling them: The Moguls of the new media. I couldn’t have come up with a better title.


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