Viral experiment (3)

Interesting, Dag wrote the following comment on our little experiment on Videosift:

Dag’s first comment
Lame, this is a self-link viral experiment by a marketing company:

My reaction
HI Dag,
why is this lame? We made a nice little video for one of our clients and are posting it on video sharing websites. We are not paying anybody to blog about it, neither are we rating (or clicking like maniacs on the video) the video ourselves. We bring 30 seconds of entertainment (if you don’t like the video that’s something else) to anybody who wants it. We are not interrupting anybody, such as is the case with tv ads or pop-ups. Always happy to discuss this further with you. How is this different from you posting the Apple vs MS ads on this site, except that you don’t work for either of them? The difference on our side is that our client doesn’t have the budget to pay huge amounts of money to run it on tv or advertise it through banners. We had a small budget, made the video and wanted to share with the rest… in the hope that people will like it and (of course) think of TGV or visit We’re really trying to be honest and transparent here (which is also the reason for my posting on my blog).

We’ll see what happens next?


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