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According to this news:
Emerce – Media/Marketing nieuws: Online videotheek Directmovie: 100.000 video’s in 2006 already 2 companies deliver the possibility to purchase videos online: Directmovie and Movieplus. In the States, of course, many more propose this. I have tried several of them but because I’m based in Belgium I can’t use any of these services. Damn!? What are we waiting for and where are the open source initiatives in this area. Didn’t Skype become huge just because it was open for everybody?

3 thoughts on “Online videos

  1. Hi Geert,

    A lot of companies are already active with this service.

    We buil the service for those parties. Please look at or
    We will also be launching 4 vod portals in Belgium within 4 months.

    You can already order films from our Dutch clients, because we have rights for the whole Benelux.

    Kin regards,

    Sjef Pijnenburg

  2. Hi Sjef,

    great news. I already knew tvopjepc but didn’t know the others I found on your site. I’m curious to see the vod portals coming to belgium but I’m confident this is a winner. Many thanks for the comment.


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