Making this blog interactive

Let’s give it a try and make this blog interactive. Up until know I have used this blog to post about marketing ideas, advertisign campaigns or stuff in general I found interesting. In a way I used it as my personal archive of things that mattered to me. I’d like to change that and find ideas for you. Advertising, marketing or communication in general is about finding ideas, today more than ever. A great advertising company in Belgium, Duval Guillaume, describe themselves as media-neutral and idea-centric. This is what it’s all about.
Let me find ideas for you. Send me an email or use the comments to give me a briefing, ask me a question or challenge me in any way. The only limit is that it has to be related in one way or another to marketing, advertising, communication or something similar. The better the briefing, the more elaborate I’ll be in my responses. I’ll respond within 3 workingdays to your questions. Let this be a first step in the open source marketing movement 😉


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