Madison Avenue and branding

Great analysis. I’ve copied it in total benath

Madison Avenue and branding: “In Bob Bly’s recent post entitled ‘The Great Madison Avenue Branding Rip-Off,’ he and friend Richard Armstrong argues:

“’Get three Madison Avenue types in a room and it’s ‘branding’ this and ‘branding’ that.  But it’s ridiculous…  it’s just one of MANY credibility factors that go into an advertisement.’ 

… The conclusion: branding is just one of many CREDIBILITY factors in marketing … and credibility is just one of multiple factors in selling … so to devote your advertising to building the brand is to do something like 1/10th of the selling job it should be doing.’

I’ve worked on both the agency and client sides of the table, and here’s my take: Agency execs are right: the brand is paramount. Ed and Richard are right: credibility and reputation are paramount.

A brand is an idea in the minds of constituents (customers, employees, etc.)… and that idea is created by what a company says (marketing) and does (operations.) A brand is the sum total of what people think about your company. Sometimes it’s schizophrenic, or says one thing and does another, in which case credibility is shot.

An effective brand keeps its promises. Advertising should communicate the brand promise, and operations should fulfill it. Everything should work together.”


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