Stone Age Marketing tactics getting big time results in India

Great story on how old world tactics still work (in certain consitions , of course)

Stone Age Marketing tactics getting big time results in India: “Let’s say you want to sell satellite radio service, but instead of targetting US customers, you want to target India. You get all the funding you need from venture capitalists, and get the effort off the ground (literally), by putting 2 satellites into orbit. You now have access to your target market, which is over a billion people. The problem is, there are no retail chains like Radio Shack or Best Buy in India, so you have no way to make your product available to the consumer.

So what do you do? You put on your walking shoes.

Which is exactly what WorldSpace has done. The satellite radio service has employed roughly 450 salesmen to literally go door-to-door selling their satellite radio service to customers in India. ‘We do it the old-fashioned way because the infrastructure isn’t there,’ Noah Samara, WorldSpace’s chief executive said.

And the results speak for themselves: Through June of this year, the service had roughly 64,000 subscribers despite being in business since 2000. In the 3rd quarter alone, WorldSpace added 11,000 subscribers, which was a 78% increase over last year’s 3rd quarter results. This success allowed WorldSpace to launch a Holiday marketing campaign in 8 of India’s largest cities in October, which netted an additional 12,000 subscribers last month a”


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